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Supercars Singapore, formerly known as "Supercars Concept", was established in 2007 by a professional and experienced team. The current showroom at Leng Kee was officially opened in 2011. They further expand and set up a new retail concept - DailyDrive, to extend their reach to a family-orientated segment.

SuperConsign is an initiative managed by Supercars Singapore Pte Ltd - A seasoned but distinct voice in the trade; we represent a game change in the business of car trading specifically the direct buying and selling of vehicle fleets.

Unlike the rest of our counterparts, we do not charge any extra funny fees; we charge only 1% of the final transacted price ( or $1,000 whichever is higher ) as commission for our services, only upon a successful transaction.

We stand by our belief of returning what is authentically yours. We encourage the meeting of the parties concerned to ensure 100% transparency. We do not want to hide; we do not want you to have any doubts.

We are engaged digitally aggressively; working closely with Singapore No.1 Car Site sgCarMart; and car forums and constant-paid exposure on Facebook; compliment with our iPhone Apps, we make sure that we maximize the exposure of your vehicle to focus demographic within the shortest time.

With introduction of the loan curb since Feb 2013, most direct buyers face issues with loan application. We pioneer the most creative financial architecture to ensure the securing of their leveraging requests.

We hate surprises; we love structure and science. Throughout our dealing with almost 2,500 clients, we have an in-depth understanding of accountability. We understand how important it is to create a workflow that eliminate doubts, reduce stress and 100% hassle-free.

SuperConsign takes into consideration simple but effective techniques including buyers’ trade-ins, arranging of financing and leasing options, and importantly, legal and the necessary paperwork for a safe and secure trading environment. Visit us today!

Choose SuperConsign, an ideal partner that will present and set the stage right for your vehicle today!

Change the way you know about car retailing today.

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