Supercars Singapore, formerly known as "Supercars Concept", was founded in 2007 by a professional and experienced team. In a short period of time, we established ourselves as the importer and dealer of choice for new and pre-owned performance and prestige automobiles. The current showroom at Leng Kee was officially opened in 2011. Born from retailing exotic marques, Supercars Singapore extended their specialization in luxury continental vehicles as well.

Right from the beginning, we pride ourselves on providing quality products with exceptional customer and after-sales service. We have been serving a group of Supercars enthusiasts and owners for the past 10 years and remained committed to building lasting, meaningful relationships with them by forming a community.

We believe in giving personalised service to our clients that when something goes wrong with their cars, Supercars Singapore will be the first that these customers will call, not the mechanic.

It is not just a retail experience when you buy your car from Supercars Singapore, it's a lifestyle.

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